How Does Consignment Work?

Read on to learn how to sell used clothing in Boise, ID

How would you like to make money off of your used athletic wear? Athletic Attic will consign your old clothes. We sell only clean, fashionable workout clothes and accessories at our shop. We accept clothing sizes 0 to 14 and XS to XL.

Once someone buys your items, we'll either cut you a check, give you store credit, or a combination of both. To sweeten the deal, we’ll give you 10% bonus credit to buy your new outfit!

Visit our shop today to buy affordable athletic wear—and use your consignment check or store credit for bonus savings.

Consigning is as easy as 1-2-3

We make selling your old clothes easy. You can consign your clothes at Athletic Attic in three easy steps:



Drop off washed, folded clothing in bags with your name on them.



Tell us if you want us to donate or return any items we don’t sell.



Enjoy 50% of the profit!

We price our items based on the brand, condition, appeal and demand. If your clothes don’t sell in six months, we’ll take them off the sales floor to make room for other items.

Visit our shop in Boise, Idaho today to sell your used clothing. We also accept used men’s workout clothes.