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Athletic Attic sells high-end, name-brand athletic wear in Boise, ID at discounted prices. We accept gently used men's and women's outdoor wear and athletic wear. You'll find clothing from a variety of leading brands at our consignment shop, including Lululemon, Zella, North Face and Patagonia.

When you bring your old clothes to us, you'll fill out a contract, we'll put your items on display and split 50% of the profit with you. We can either write you a check or apply store credit, as you prefer. If you choose store credit, you will get an additional 10 percent buying power.

Visit our shop today to buy affordable high-end athletic wear in Boise. We also sell some men's sportswear items.

Amazing customer service ! Great quality and goes above and beyond for their sellers as well!


Unlike other stores you don't have to dig through racks and racks of things to get to the good stuff! Everything they have is in such good shape, bought a pair of Lululemon pants and can't wait to go stock up on more


I have loved coming here! The owners are friendly, super helpful when it comes to the merchandise. It is super easy to bring clothes to consign and contact them about credits, if any. Very knowledgeable in the workout world and have loved having this shop come to the Treasure Valley!


Went in there for my first time this past week, and I absolutely loved it! Great stuff for great prices. Staff is friendly and so helpful. I will definitely be going back often!


Such a fun and inviting place! This is the perfect store for such a fitness oriented city. I will definitely continue to shop here and so should everyone else!


Athletic Attic is amazing. The owners and staff are friendly and helpful, and their inventory is packed with lululemon, athleta, and more. The store is clean, and designed wonderfully.


The owners are just great, and so is their selection! The organization of everything is my favorite. Go visit them!


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Find all the workout apparel you need right here

Athletic Attic carries a full range of athletic wear at our shop. We sell:



Sports bras







Look fantastic during your workout in stylish designer exercise apparel. Call 208-488-4335 now to find out about the athletic wear we have in stock. We also sell health and wellness supplements to enhance your workout experience as well as help you achieve our fitness and weight loss goals.

Support a family-owned business

Don't overspend on athletic wear.

Athletic Attic is a high-end athletic wear consignment store based in Boise, Idaho, serving the entire Treasure Valley. We maintain a laid-back vibe at our shop. When you visit us, you'll be able to try on and buy any athletic apparel you need at a fraction of the original price.

Contact us today to learn more about selling and buying workout apparel from our store.

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