How Can You Make Money at Athletic Attic?

See how easily you can sell used clothing in Boise, ID

Athletic Attic is committed to bringing customers stylish, affordable athletic wear in Boise, ID. If you love our store, why not contribute to it? By bringing your gently used athletic wear to Athletic Attic, you can put cash in your pocket every time something of yours sells. Unlike other consignment stores, we advertise your clothing to our customers, so you have a greater chance of making money here than anywhere else.

To sell used clothing, visit our store in Boise, ID today. We’ll do everything we can to sell your clothes quickly.

Get cash for your clothes in 3 simple steps

You can start making money off of your gently used athletic wear right away. Here’s how:

  • Bring your athletic wear into our store in Boise, ID. If you bring in any name brands, we’ll make sure they get preferential advertising treatment.
  • Wait for Athletic Attic to sell your clothes.
  • Log into our consignor portal to see which items have been sold, then claim your cash. You’ll get 50% of your item’s selling price!

  • To learn more about our consignment process, call 208-488-435 today. If you apply your consignor credit to an in-store purchase, we’ll pay you an extra 10% for your clothes.



    Drop off washed, folded clothing in bags with your name on them.



    Tell us if you want us to donate or return any items we don't sell.



    Enjoy 50% of the profit!

    We price our items based on the brand, condition, appeal and demand. If your clothes don't sell in six months, we'll take them off the sales floor to make room for other items.

    Visit our shop in Boise, Idaho today to sell your used clothing. We also accept used men's workout clothes.